Since Qari Rashid Mehmood Saab started teaching our children their attention to detail has improved immensely [MashAllah] They looked forward to their evening/morning classes and enjoy the one to one interaction [MashAllah] We will make sure they will continue to read until they complete the Quran-e-pak [InshaAllah]

Mr and Mrs Abbas
United Kingdom
ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM! My name is Farhan Jalil & i have a son, he is almost 8 years old & now he is reading THE HOLY QURAN-E-PAK with Qari Rashid Mehmood. I am quite much satisfied with the teaching process, progress & the guidence which is provided by Qari Rashid sahib. Qari sahib is a very intelligent, hardworking & punctual teacher. He knows well how to deal with the children & how he can build the interest in the children to read The Holy Quran-e-pak. My son is reading six days in a week & it is very rare that qari sahib have asked about to have free for a day in these six days.

Farhan Jalil
Stavanger, NORWAY
I live in Norway and there is no facility to teach Quran in this city then I contact to Mr Qari Rashid Mehmood thru www.iqraonline.pk. Now my daughter is studying since 6 month and I am very satisfied with the way of teaching. My daughter is learning so many things very easily. So many thanks to www.iqraonline.pk

Mohammad Arif

His way of teaching is very nice and polite. He teaches us in very effective way as well as he pronunciation is very good and easy to understand. We are very satisfied with your classes.God Bless You.

Mohammad Nasir


Noorani Qaida
Service Charges


You can select any of the following pre-defined weeks or Contact Us for any customized week.


 days per week Service Charges Classes Per Month
  2 Days week 22£ 8
  3 Days week 35£ 12
  4 Days week 45£ 16
  5 Days Week 50£ 20
  6 Days Week 60£ 24
  SAT/SUN 22£ 8


 days per week Service Charges Classes Per Month
  2 Days week US$35 8
  3 Days week US$50 12
  4 Days week US$65 16
  5 Days Week US$80 20
  6 Days Week US$90 24
  SAT/SUN US$35 8


 days per week Service Charges Classes Per Month
  2 Days week 200 NOK 8
  3 Days week 300 NOK 12
  4 Days week 380 NOK 16
  5 Days Week 450 NOK 20
  6 Days Week 520 NOK 24
  SAT/SUN 250 NOK 8


 days per week Service Charges Classes Per Month
  2 Days week 200 DKK 8
  3 Days week 300 DKK 12
  4 Days week 380 DKK 16
  5 Days Week 450 DKK 20
  6 Days Week 520 DKK 24
  SAT/SUN 250 DKK 8


 days per week Service Charges Classes Per Month
  2 Days week 30 EURO 8
  3 Days week 40 EURO 12
  4 Days week 50 EURO 16
  5 Days Week 60 EURO 20
  6 Days Week 65 EURO 24


 days per week Service Charges Classes Per Month
  5 Days Week 3000 PKR 20
  6 Days Week 3500 PKR 24

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